My Engagement Day

Assalamualaikum semua,

Hey I'm back! After 1 year missing.... HAHA, entah ada lagi ke tak orang baca blog myra ni kan? setiap post mesti setahun sekali. LOL!

Remember my last post a year ago about Allah has better plan for me, yup He really does. Alhamdulillah, myra dah pun selamat mengikat ikatan pertunangan 3 minggu lepas pada 3 Disember 2016. In brief, syukur majlis semua berjalan lancar.

To be honest, I am truly happy now. Everything has changed. Dulu, myra selalu rasa I don't deserve to be happy. I was damn wrong. Everyone deserves to be happy. It just it takes the best man to make you happy.

How do I met my fiance?

Long story short, we were inside the same Whatsapp group that gathers football passionate fan named GSB (Group Sembang Bola). Before I leave Malaysia for Bandung, ada this one guy just call him S (in the same whatsapp group) try to hit on me. Since masa tu I was like so needy for attention plus I hate friendzoning people, I accepted this guy and we became official. So at that time, rupanya my fiance ni mmg ada crush la kat Myra. Dia pun try Myra and I started to like be nice to him until I feel guilty gila tak bagitahu I dah ada relationship dengan orang lain. Until masa tu jadi kecoh gila kat group pasal kitorang couple senyap2 sampailah kat pengetahuan bang Naza (my fiance).

Agak-agak kalau kena kat orang lain mesti dah freak out, dah mengamuk kan? Tapi nampaklah kematangan dia kat situ bila dia accept je dengan tenang. Lepas tu dia takde contact lagi dah dengan myra. kalau ada pun dia macam mengelak je. Nanti ada je lah alasan dia "k lah, sorry kacau"hahaha

In a few months kat Bandung, lots of things happened and one of it, I let other people to flirt on me named Aizat (yes, dulu Myra mmg playgirl gila duhh. Jahat siaa aku dulu) Myra lambat laun jadi boring dgn si S ni, and we became rarely contact plus dia busy with FYP and all. Aizat ni pulak the biggest cunt of all, he knows from the first place yang I have a boyfriend tau masa tu. I asked him, you tahu I ada boyfriend tapi you nak sailang I jugak? He said yes. So since I let someone in, I knew that I actually dont have any feeling for S. I don't wanna play around, I told S "Lets just be friends"

S koyak gila2, macam tak boleh terima langsung I wanna breakup with him. And then si Aizat found out about S yg koyak gila, suddenly he became a coward. He felt sorry for what happened to S and he doesn't want to commit with me (bangang kan?) Dahlah dia yang start flirting dulu lepas tu taknak take responsibility on his action.  Lantak dia lahhh. So masa tu I was cool lah, no need to give a flying fuck on anyone.

Few weeks after that, I left the whatsapp group due to some reason. Bang Naza whatsapp me out of concern on why I left the group. There he goes dia cakap lah "k lah sorry kacau. nanti kacau pulak nak otp dgn S" then I told him the truth, what happened, between me and S, about Aizat. He listened attentively, tak menyampuk pun. Masa tu dia macam bergurau lah, dia kata since dia tahu myra dah single dia rasa macam nak try Myra balik. LOL.

Long story short, he knows pasal my personality disorder and macam tergerak nak tolong. That time, I was still a playgirl. I don't even lay any thoughts on getting serious with him. A night before I fly back to Malaysia, I had a casual chat with my friends, some are from Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and many more. We had this topic on family, love, relationship and all. Since I never had any serious and steady relationship with anyone,

I asked them "The problem is, how do you know that he/she is 'the right one'?"

and my friend, Alvin's answer has changed my whole life perspective and decision.

"Sometimes it's not about finding the right one, but being the right one"

I fly back to Malaysia with that thoughts lingering in my mind. Back at my hometown, I tried to fix my relationship with S. I wanted to end it well, its not that I want him back but that doesn't mean we are over right? S insisted to come to JB, meet me and spent his time with me. I totally disagree with his idea because I don't want him to get his hope high and think he got even slight chance to get back together with me.

BOOM! it turns out, he freaked out when I still not changing my mind after we met. Duh, he cant force me to love him when I dont even love him. He knew about bang Naza and got even freaked out. He thought bang Naza took me away from him and it wasnt even true! Things got worse when he made up stories about me and said nasty things about my fiance and we got into twitter wars for like 2-3 weeks.

My fiance is the coolest guy ever, he didn't even triggered with S provocation even though S said a lot of bad things to him. He really did many things that changed the way I think, the way I react on things and many more. That is how and why I slowly fell in love with him. I became a better person when I am with him.

He knew about my thoughts on having other guy as my option and learned that I'm actually afraid of being hurted like Aizat did to me. Again' I'm amazed that he got me to think the other way around. and to my surprise, he already told his mom about me. I was damn moved because nobody ever take me seriously. They played me around and vice versa. Then suddenly what Alwin said came across my mind. I started to think this is the moment, if I want the the right one I must be the right one. I frankly told everything to my fiance, my past, my fears and everything. I told him I wanted to change for good.

Tbh, I'm surprised he wasn't taken aback. He accepted me, the way I am. Masa tu myra bawak tunang myra jumpa mak ayah, tak sangka mak ayah terima dia seadanya. Tunang myra ni pernah ada pengalaman kena reject dgn mak kpd ex dia sbb rupa paras. Alhamdulillah, at least my parents bukan jenis pandang rupa paras. The same way goes to his parents and family, semua terima myra dgn baik. I guess, they have been waiting for too long for someone to love their son hehehe :)

Ni masa first time jumpa bakal mak mertua hehe

So there goes my story hehe. Sorrylah panjang pulak bercerita hari ni. Tanggal 3 disember tibalah rombongan meminang ke Teluk Sengat. Alhamdulillah majlis semua berjalan lancar. Dalam next post myra akan cerita pasal serba sedikit persiapan majlis bertunang Myra. Stay tune yaa hikss


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