About Myrara Hana ♥

commercial name : ♥Myrara Hana / Myrara Heart♥
why Myrara Hana? : Asalnya nama ni tercipta sebab masa tu terfikir nama apa yang best tapi ta ramai
sangat orang pakai. Myra tu da biasa sangat orang pkai.
Then, i tot to add ra to that name and jadilah Myrara.
Hana pulak is a short name from Hannan , my second name.
Hannan ni actually maksudnya 'penyayang' and boleh digunakan fer both sexes.
so, tak nak org misunderstood lagi yg tu my dad's name,
then i chose to pick Hana as my second name.
anyway, Myra, myrara, hanan, hana, maira, amira
i dunnt mind which one u opt to call me,
as long they bring good meaning fer me ♥

Im 18 y/o
already 18 yaa on last 22 June
p/s not anymore under age! :)

I live in JB
and one of JOHO dudes
a currently rising local act community fer youths in Johor

I really adore cooking, beauty and fashions.
I'm a girl, ain't I?
So, on dat reason, I've once wanna be
hwever, my most desire uni, UiTM
didnt offer that course.
then, I turned to choose culinary arts
dat is to be a CHEF.
Alhamdulillah, my first choice has been picked.
done with my sem 1 and currently will further at part 2

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